Nutrition is the building blocks to our health. Learning what supports your body and lifestyle are essential and foundational to a healthy and happy life. I work with clients on a variety of health concerns, including;

  • Weight gain – Nutrition counseling will include everything from portion control, food choices, meal plans, emotional connections to foods, stress and weight gain, increasing metabolism and physical activity, and how to develop a healthy relationship with food.

  • Cholesterol – We will look at which foods increase cholesterol and decrease cholesterol, important foods to add to your diet and how to read your cholesterol numbers.

  • Diabetes – We will look at which foods increase blood sugars and which foods don’t, how to add healthy carbohydrates into your diet and how much of them to have, and how to use the glycemic index.

  • Heart disease – Learn what healthy fats are, how much to have, what fats to limit as well as what other foods to include for heart health.

  • Allergies – How to do an elimination diet, how to choose alternative foods to maintain a healthy diet.

  • Weight loss – Foods to increase in order to gain weight and maintain health, and how to develop a healthy relationship with food.


Sessions are individually tailored to meet your needs and goals are set based on your current lifestyle and time constraints. Clients play an active roll in determining how your goals are achieved. I believe in meeting clients where you are at providing a nurturing and welcoming environment.


Phone: (253) 651-0755

Maureen Sprague
Registered Dietitian, Reiki Master

Address: 1029 May Street, Hood River OR.

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